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2014 - ConnectorR received

Grant from TEDCO of Maryland

for design and development

of civilian version of ConnectorR


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Most products available in the market now are one function only – arm, belt, or car mount.  ConnectorR is a wearable solution that allows multiple functions for maximum interaction with your mobile device.

With our custom designed magnetic and mechanical lock system, you can be sure your phone is mounted securely while allowing rotation for multiple device orientations.  Full metal design is modern and stylish yet light weight and strong.  A variety of mounting options so you can be use your phone hands-free anywhere.

Sollution that will work with variety of devices from Samsung to iPhone and with many types of cases from hard plastic to textured aluminum.

Using ConnectorR


Wrist mounted camera and Smartphone mounted using ConnectorR

Easy mount/release option for camera provide ability to see target from weapons' perspective.

Thanks to Patrick A. Carl - Electrical Instructor/Inspector for testing and assistance.

No more additional armband if you can find one that support your device.

Over-the-clothing bracelet gives instant access to the device without need to reach for the pocket even if heavy protective clothing required.