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2014 - ConnectorR received

Grant from TEDCO of Maryland

for design and development

of civilian version of ConnectorR


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ConnectorR Polycarbonate was developed as a result of grant from Technology Development Corporation of Maryland (TEDCO) and Rural Business Innovation Initiative (RBI2). Objective of this grant was to develop light duty, low cost version of ConnectorR for casual users.


ConnectorR PC is a civilian version of original patented (US 8,870,143) design of ConnectorR Tactical Edition. It is made using CNC production process (for Special Edition) and feature 25% greater rotational resistance due to increase of relative distance between magnets to accommodate modern trend towards devices with bigger screen.

ConnectorR PC in the line of ConnectorR products positioned as a Light Duty device and suitable for activities equivalent to jogging or city bicycle. ConnectorR PC also would be best for use indoors for professional applications such as warehouse inventory, inspections, hospitals, driving, etc.  


ConnectorR PC comes with comfortable elastic “one-size-fits-all” wristband (can be used as armband). Despite civilian application of the new, lighter CnR PC, Force Field Designs did not compromise in choice of materials and attention to the details: ConnectorR PC is made from high grade polycarbonate (material used to make bullet proof glass); just as original ConnectorR Tactical Edition, ConnectorR PC using same size neodymium magnets of the highest grade possible (N52); shape is redesigned for more comfortable all-day wear by casual user; decreased distance between bracelet rings make it better fit for female wrist or wearing without sleeve underneath.


[Force Field Designs announces a major upgrade to the ConnectorR Polycarbonate family of products]

In order to increase the strength and structural integrity of the polycarbonate family of ConnectorR and to gain even more impact resistance, the main components of ConnectorR have been reengineered using a single block of clear polycarbonate and a precise CNC milling process.  This upgrade will affect following models:



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