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2014 - ConnectorR received

Grant from TEDCO of Maryland

for design and development

of civilian version of ConnectorR


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Force Field Designs Inc. is pleased to announce its pilot production of the ConnectorR Picatinny mount aimed at:

The ConnectorR Picatinny version allows the mounting of smartphones and other ConnectorR compatible devices onto anything equipped with industry standard Picatinny rails. The benefits of this product are:

ConnectorR Picatinny models using ConnectorR patented interface are compatible with Polycarbonate family of ConnectorR (ConnectorR PC, ConnectorR PC Wall Mount, and ConnectorR PC Phablet Editions).

The ConnectorR Picatinny family of products under this pilot production program are made using CNC cut polycarbonate parts and 3D printed parts.  The 3D printed parts are manufactured on our custom made Delta geometry printer that was built to the highest standards of FDM technology set by our company.




For inquiries regarding governmental orders and mass production as well as compatibility, engineering, and special applications please contact us HERE