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2014 - ConnectorR received

Grant from TEDCO of Maryland

for design and development

of civilian version of ConnectorR


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ConnectorR Polycarbonate - "Special Edition"


ConnectorR Polycarbonate (PC) – Light Duty version of ConnectorR gives all benefits of our patented technology for a fraction of the price. Made out of strongest plastics available for production, ConnectorR PC is perfect for light duty use.  Refer to the Product Page for more details.


ConnectorR Polycarbonate - "Wall Mount Edition"


ConnectorR  PC Wall mount – would let you mount your device on virtually any flat surface such as car dashboard, fridge, computer, etc. Require flat 2x2” surface and enough space for device to rotate.  Refer to the Product Page for more details.



ConnectorR Polycarbonate - "Phablet Edition"



ConnectorR Phablet Edition (Pre-Orders only) – Reflecting modern trend towards devices with screen sizes of 5” or more, Force Field Designs, Inc., developed version of ConnectorR that is best for uses with enlarged smartphones. It featuring additional set of magnets to provide better hold of the heavier device; optimized geometry for better positioning of the device on your hand.






Picatinny Weapon Mounted Version of ConnectorR

Feauturin all-metal Picatinny adjustible quick connect system. Single piece milled top plate (clear PC). MicroPolyMagnetic Array. For more detail visit Product Page.



ConnectorR Tactical Black

*sample image

ConnectorR Tactical Edition – No compromise all metal edition of ConnectorR. Each part is milled from a single piece of aluminum providing unprecedented strength

Set comes with one top, one base mounts; three stickers; one bracelet; one magnetic shield sticker.



None-Elastic wrist band comes in three sizes and is best suitable for Phablet and Tactical Editions. Price - $6.99
Elastic wrist band is comfort version for all day use. Not advisable for Phablet Edition. Price = $ 4.99
Tripod screw. Custom made brass screw (1/4-20) to mount devices such as cameras to the top plate of the ConnectorR Tactical Edition. Price - $10
Extra set of stickers (3 pcs) for ConnectorR Tactical, Polycarbonate (top), and Wall mount (top and base) editions. Price - $5